Propellerhead Reason ReFIlls

Navi Retlav - Effective Combination

Effective Combination is a deep research of what can be achieved with Propellerhead Reason factory effects and modular sound mangling thanks to the extreme use of the Combinator device. This is an effects-only ReFill divided into 8 main categories, 49 combinator types with 300 Combinator effects in total. A full suite of sound processing tools, ranging from reverb, distortion, filtering, equalisation and dynamics processors up to more extreme pitch, vocoder, glitch, modulation and buffer-based units. Thanks to the wide selection of tools, it can be used both in creative-construction and mix-mastering production stages. This was our secret toolset for sound design over the last year, and now it’s ready to make your sounds even more crazy and impressive. We’ve made this collection living proof that combinator effects can be as advanced and creative as a bunch of VSTs, AUs and REs. Don’t be afraid to expand your rack!


  • 300 Combinator effect patches
  • 11 Combinator skins
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - C-65

What’s the difference between Navi Retlav’s C-65 ReFill for Propellerhead Reason and every other chip-tune sampler out there? Simple. It’s all in the approach. The Commodore C-64 taken up to the next level. In C-65, Navi Retlav Studios handles traditional Chip Tune with a modern flair – and the result will surprise you. These perfectly produced sounds are not your average, run-of-the-mill chip-tune emulations. Rather, this well-rounded ReFill is the result of painstaking recreation. Here, you’ll find the precision for which Navi Retlav is known as well as surprising multi-functionality. C-65 has everything from hand-crafted, traditional chip-tune bleeps to edgier arps sure to round out your productions— all combined with Navi’s signature processing and all-important user control. Cut the filters, add some noise, shift the freqs and arp up your chip tunes with C-65 from Navi Retlav Studio.


  • 100 Combinator patches
  • 80 NN-XT patches
  • 600MB of RAW samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Moogstalgy

There is always something nostalgic where it comes to the analog synthesizers, and when we start to think about Moog and bass sound, especially, we get excited a bit more than usual. This is a good thing, because excitement is a best way to boost the creativity. This priceless package is armed with incredible fat and juicy bass-lead sounds taken directly out of classic Minimoog monophonic analog synthesizer. Each sample was enhanced by the great chain of hardware and VST effects, to emphasize character of the tones. For those who are the big fans of analog arpeggios, we designed the unique dual-arp combinators with unique set of effects and custom patterns that can be changed with just a twist of a single knob. Just try it, and you easily will find that it fits perfectly in all your music productions.


  • 20 Combinator patches
  • 20 NN-XT patches
  • 100MB of RAW samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Glitchstrument

There are many types of glitch in sound. Looking for something truly unique in form and sound complexity, we did some deep research and rediscovered these excellent examples. Each NN-XT sample based instrument has a unique set of 61 samples. Every sample was processed by an extremely complex effects chain. And, while the NN-XT patches are damn good by themselves, the real fun begins when you dive into the included combinators. With painstaking effort, we made sure that the included combinator ensembles will emphasize the beauty of the samples and add another layer of complexity to your sound. It’s a library that will push your Ambient, Electronic and Soundtrack music into new dimension. Special thanks to Abstract Assassinator, GeorgeFeb, VNUmusic, Cole Parzenn and Divine SageMusic for providing the signature patches.


  • 60 Combinator patches
  • 30 NN-XT patches
  • 1.6GB of RAW samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Secret Synth

Small sample based project for Reason 6 and above, with big analog sounds, that are more “analogish” than the real hardware synths. Each patch provides the vintage feel of magnetic tape recorded instruments including, wow and flutter, noise and tape saturated sounds. The sampling source will remain a mystery, but you can listen to it and easily get the picture of how great this analog beast is. Special thanks for Adam Fielding, Giuseppe Testa (Whoopdee), GeorgeFeb (Mate), Divine SageMusic and VNUmusic for providing the signature combinator patches.


  • 40 Combinator patches
  • 20 NN-XT patches
  • 1.2GB of RAW samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Electro Bass

If you are familiar with names like NOISIA, PENDULUM, TECHNICAL ITCH, and you are looking for heavily distorted, fat reese bass lines mixed with massive growl subs for your electro-funk, drum and bass or neuro-dark-step productions? Then you just found a great package that may become your new signature sound which will move your sick break on top of the charts. This Refill for Reason 7 takes the advantage of the brand new Audiomatic Retro Transformer Rack Extension device and pushes the stock Propellerhead synths beyond it’s limits. Each combinator was carefully designed to provide the richest possible bass line, that will become a star of your mix. For those who like simplicity in sound, thanks to collaboration with Lab:One Recordings we included sub-deep Subtractor bass patches. Applying any of those in your song, will instantly fill it with raw power. Now, let’s shake the floor!!!


  • 53 Combinator bass patches
  • 80 Subtractor bass patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Street Drums

A good drummer doesn’t need a professional drum kit. He can play on anything and it will sound great. If you are a big fan of stomp or live drum and bass style played with trash kits in urban environments, then this Refill should fit nicely in your Reason rack. This set of 168 loops recorded in the heart of Warsaw using Mid-Side technique will provide you a great opportunity to add some realism to your main drum section. Especially if you combine them with the included combinators that allow you to control bass and high frequency exciters, filter envelope, reverb and Mid-Side mix. Additional ReGroove patches are great for adding a bit of human feel. How it will be used is up to you. It will fit in any genre, from classic rock to electronic and cinematic breaks.


  • 168 REX loops
  • 22 Combinator patches
  • 21 OctoRex patches
  • 50 ReGrove patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Street Jazz

If you are looking for an innovative and positively twisted sound library for Propellerhead Reason 6, then you are in the right place! This Refill captures the unique feel of a true street performance played by an extraordinary jazzman. Refill contains not only great sax phrases, but also the entire atmosphere that surrounds the street artist, including all the people passing by and all the whispers. Combining the nonlinear time stretching and processing with the Radius RT technology out of Izotope Iris, pushes this library far beyond your imagination of the sound design. Using those special treatments, short samples were turned into lush pads with natural attack and uncanny tail and the loops with the great expression were turned into playable instruments perfect for chord progressions. All included samples and loops were recorded in mid-side technique. That gives you the full control of the stereo field and ability to process sound in a completely new way. Included effects were specially designed to polish the sounds into the real diamonds of sound design. Pick any of the patches from this library and it will perfectly fit in all mixes, from jazzy drum and bass, deep hip-hop beat, up to powerful cinematic score.


  • 86 Combinator patches
  • 80 REX loops
  • 11 Kong kits
  • 85 NN-XT patches
  • 50 ReGrove patches
  • 900MB of RAW MID-SIDE samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Missing Pieces - Music Box

This novel product is the first of its kind in Refill software development. This product combines mid-side recording techniques, processing by the iZotope Iris sampler with its own original filters, and RadiusRT technology for pitch stretching. The source of the samples was the music box, which was sampled in a unique way, keeping the atmosphere and the tone while also producing unique emotions. Patches were created both with a view to conserving the natural sounds, including all the noises accompanying this musical instrument, and have been processed in a manner completely beyond recognition, giving them a new character and incredible sound structures. These features are composed of clean tones, deep pads, and artistic sound effects which could be incorporated into music and movie scores. The whole product is perfect for creating uniquely stimulating sounds suited for melancholic and lively atmospheres, as well as film soundtracks.


  • 50 Combinator patches
  • 41 NN-XT patches
  • 450MB of RAW MID-SIDE samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Missing Pieces - Drum

Innovative new drum library by Navi Retlav for Propellerhead Reason 6, focused on industrial drum sounds. This tiny package, comes with great drum sounds, perfect for industrial, ambient, cinematic and ethnic music.


  • 26 Combinator patches
  • 22 NN-XT patches
  • 32MB of RAW samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Missing Pieces - Analog Sweeps

This ReFill was designed to deliver groundbreaking filter sweeps and sound effects to your music productions inside Reason. Analog Sweeps ReFill, will bring back your memories, about unworldly oldschool modular synthesizers, noise and glitch generators. The complexity of combinator patches included in this ReFill will astonish you. You might be surprised how much it can pull you into sweet analog synthesis madness. These patches are perfect for crisp lead melodies, deep or distorted bass lines and epic noise transitions. You can use it in all kinds of music genres, from psychedelic trance to drum and bass to dubstep and up to progressive rock.


  • 270 Combinator patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Missing Pieces - Octopulsethor

Second piece from the “Missing Pieces” ReFills collection made by Navi Retlav. This ReFill focuses on sounds produced by the famous “Thor” synthesizer combined with the brand new Pulveriser, The Echo, Alligator and even Kong with optional Line6 amp effect devices from Reason 6. There are 5 main folders inside this Refill. All sounds are categorized into Pad, Bass, Synth, and FX subfolders.


  • 410 Combinator Patches
  • 256 Thor patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Navi Retlav - Feedback Echo

First in the entire “Missing Pieces” Refill series, created by Navi Retlav It’s a complete new approach to the ECHO sound inside Propellerhead Reason. Inside this package you will find new feedback echo effects combinator patches that will fit perfectly in experimental, ambient, psy-trance, electro, dubstep and even rock songs. These fx patches are not only echo modules; each one can be easily transformed into deep distortion effects with frequency modulation and rich harmonics. They open new sonic possibilities in your Reason rack. .


  • 203 Combinator effect patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

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