Fractal Art in NRS Shop

Today we started the new chapter in the NRS Studio. For the first time ever, you can buy original art on an actual canvas created by well known fractal artist Navi Retlav. These pieces are the result of much hard work over the last few years, and have until now never been offered for sale. Each of the art pieces was made utilizing complex mathematical equations and required long nights of calculations and composing, resulting in an incredible detail and attention to forms. Every piece is unique as it has its  own vision, purpose and character, inspired by nature and space. We also made sure that the chosen canvas medium would give the best possible representation of the artist's vision. It has an incredible range of vivid colors and deep-as-the-night blacks combined with premium quality materials that will last the test of time. It’s ready to hang; out of the box and can easily become the centerpiece of your studio or living room.

The first designs are already available in the shop, and more will show up within the next few months. To celebrate this release, we are starting with a $50 discount code. To activate it, use the “LOVEFRACTAL” code by July 17th at the checkout page.