New PX7 Combination ReFill & PX7 Boost Bundle


PX7 lovers, Propellerhead fans, let’s gather together and have fun with the new sounds for the PX7 Rack Extension. It’s full of “Stranger Things” type tones, “Vangelis” style pads, a bit of glossy-bells, even more epic EDM-style pumping presets, and a metric ton of VHS nostalgy textures.

PX7 Combination ReFill details:

  • 64 Unique Combinator Patches
  • 100 PX7 RE Instrument Patches
  • $28 USD Price
  • Free demo version 

Optionally you can get the "PX7 Boost Bundle" that also includes the "Extension ReFill - PX7".

All available now in NRS SHOP