New ReFill for Reason Suite and Complex-1 RE


Here is our brand new ReFill for Complex-1 RE and Reason Suite users. In this pack you will find a set of 120 Combinator Effect patches that unlock the hidden potential of Complex-1’s modular routing; delay, distortion, filter, reverb and vocoder effects. These patches not only expand your palette of production tools by adding new types of sound altering possibilities in a convenient way as easy to drop combinator presets, but they can also add an extra layer of stereo width to your track by taking use of extra audio-rate stereo modulation that’s not common in other tools. It’s a must-have for all Complex-1 RE owners.


  • 120 Complex-1 RE effect Combinators
  • 80 Complex RE mono effect patches
  • Delay, Distortion, Filter, Reverb and Vocoder categories
  • Designed for Complex-1 Rack Extension. 
  • $25 Intro price until February 10th

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