NEW NRS Audio T-Shirts & DJ Photo Shoot

Today we have something special for all audiophiles around the world. It’s our first clothing line. We are starting with soft beautiful t-shirts, designed from the ground up to share our passion for music and audio gear. All t-shirts are made with high-quality cotton fabric, for a  comfortable feel and long-lasting durability.

To test our product, we invited DJ’s to bring their favorite gear and try-out our t-shirts. We picked an L-size t-shirts (which are obviously oversized for them), to get this specific urban-style fashion look. The results are just stunning!

Now, the fun part. You can get our clothing and save money at the same time. Send us a picture (via email) of you in one of our t-shirts and we will send you back a 60% discount coupon applicable towards your next soundware purchase in NRS shop. Additionally our audio pillows are also back in store.

Audio T-Shirts are available now for only $25 USD in NRS SHOP