NRS Black Friday/Cyber Monday - 70% SALE

The Black Friday sale season has begun! It’s the biggest sale in Navi Retlav Studio, and we do it only once a year! This time you can save up to 70% on all NRS soundware, including impulse responses, ReFills, and hardware synth soundbanks. 

To activate the discounts, add our products to the cart and at the checkout page:

Use code NRSBFCMONE to get a 60% discount on a single product.

Use code NRSBFCMTWO to get a 65% discount if you order 2 products.

Use code NRSBFCMMORE to get a 70% discount if you order 3 or more products.

The sale  Black Friday/Cyber Monday ends on December 5th!

Keep in mind that all of the income from this sale directly supports the development of our new products, so the more you buy, the more we can make for you. We wouldn't be here without your help. Thank you and happy holidays!

Don’t forget that until November 30th you can still grab the “Navi Retlav - Moogstalgy” and “Navi Retlav - Dirty Transistor Bass” for free using the NRSFREEMOOG303 code.