Reason 11 is out! + Sweeper & Quartet ReFill Release


Reason 11 is out! If you upgraded, you can use all your REs as VST plugins now. It also comes with 2 new amazing effect Rack Extensions, the Sweeper and the Quartet. To celebrate that we have a free set of 20 patches for them for you, and a full ReFill containing 100 patches if you are craving more and still want to support the sound designers for Reason. So here it is, the Extension ReFill - Sweeper & Quartet, with patches designed for giving you: Chorus, Dispersion, Distortion, Ensemble, Flanger, Phaser, Resonator, Tape Speed,Texture and many more unique effects. 


  • FREE demo version (20 patches)
  • 64 Sweeper RE patches
  • 32 Quartet RE patches
  • Chorus, Dispersion, Distortion, Dynamic, Ensemble, Flanger, Phaser, Resonator, Special, Tape Speed, and Texture categories
  • $9 Intro price until October 8th

More in: NRS Shop

If you are upgrading from Reason 9 to Reason 11 here is the full list of our ReFIlls that you will be able to use with the new instruments and effects.

  • Extension Patches - Monotone Lead
  • Extension Patches - Europa Lead
  • Extension Patches - Europa Pad
  • Extension Patches - Europa Bass
  • Extension Patches - Europa Pluck
  • Extension Patches - Europa Poly
  • Extension ReFill - Sweeper & Quartet

For those who upgraded to Reason 11 suite, the list is even longer and contains:

  • Extension ReFill - PolyStep
  • Extension ReFill - Parsec
  • NRS - Parsec Combination
  • Extension ReFill - Rotor

You can get all of those ReFills at:


To celebrate the new Reason 11 release I would like to invite you to the new Reason Studios discord channel to talk with Reason Developers, VST/RE developers and other users. Join us at:

Finally, I’m happy to announce that our team is working on our own custom Rack Extensions which you will be able to use in Reason or any other DAW using Reason Rack Plugin. More on that will be revealed in the near future.



Navi Retlav