#StayAtHome - Free Rack Extension and ReFills



Hello friends! You have probably already heard about the new Coronavirus/COVID-19 disease. Due to the global pandemic, it is highly advised to socially distance yourself and reduce the chance of spreading the virus or getting infected. Please keep in mind that even if you believe that your immune system might be strong enough to defeat this disease, ignoring the general social quarantine might result in overloading the hospitals. That’s why it’s very important to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus before it’s too late. For many of us, staying alone at home might be very inconvenient, but that’s probably the best solution for now.

This also means that you will have a ton of free time to burn. It’s the perfect opportunity to work on that new CD or song that you couldn't finish before. To help you in staying productive at home we have decided to team up with DLD Technology and make the AS-16 - Analog Sequencer Rack Extension free (usually $49)! Additionally, all of the other DLD Technology REs are on Sale now, at a reduced price. That’s not all! Since the streets of most of our cities are now empty, you can bring life back to the streets with our Navi Retlav - Street Drums and Navi Retlav - Street Jazz ReFills released for free! Finally, all of our ReFills, Impulse Responses and Samples available in the NRS SHOP are at a 50%.discount. This should be more than enough to help you restock your sounds and stay inspired throughout the lockdown.

Use the code “STAYATHOME” at the checkout page to activate the 50% Discount on all NRS soundware products, and bundles. Offer valid until April 15th

If you want to talk with other music producers under lockdown, feel free to join the Reason Studio Discord Channel at: https://discord.gg/FRDcRVk

Stay Healthy!