The ultimate guitar & bass emulation ReFills for Reason from NRS



We decided to team up with Odarmonix once again and just released our secret guitar emulation tool. The Neptune Electric Guitar & Bass ReFills are here. They’re a direct result of over 6 years spent in deep research to bring you the most advanced perfect tool. These two unusual, but highly powerful libraries should get your guitar and bass way ahead of the competition. For maximum flexibility and processing freedom, we paired our Clean DI recordings with a ton of sound-shaping options. You can modify everything; tone, damping, formant shifting, as well as humbucker pickup frequency response. Thanks to added dedicated key-zones and key-switches you will have full control over sustained notes, palm mutes, ghost notes, legato up & down (AKA hammer-ons & pull-offs), pinch harmonics, fret noise, fret buzz, scrapes, sympathetic resonance and noisefloor. Each ReFill contains  multiple all-purpose “Complete Rigs” and “Utility FX” Combinator effect patches like feedback loop simulation. Cabinet impulse responses for the RV7000 mkII are also included together with hundreds of midi files and a bundle of template songs to get you ready for composing in no time. If you produce pop, folk, rock, hard rock, metal, reggae, funk, or soul, or just need a guitar simulation, this will be heaven for you.

Thanks to the intro price you can save $10 on each ReFill or $21 if you get the full bundle, only until May 17th.

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