Extension ReFill - PunchBD

Extension ReFill - PunchBD

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It’s time for real punch! Prepare for hard-pumping kicks giving you a huge lovely feeling in your chest. Cinematic sub-drops, with enough power to shake your entire room, and then, unbelievable sound effects mixed with tasty modelled drum hits bringing you back to another era. Juicy basses and leads exceeding the limitations behind the concept of drum synthesis. All of this and more, crafted with Rob Papen’s famous PunchBD Rack Extension. It’s our perfect solution for movie trailer-style excitement, and gabber-hard intensity of tones. This beautiful aural shrine, also warmly embraces the chiptune lovers and classical hardware fanatics. Whether you are just the EDM tourist, retro-vibe monk or cinematic ninja, you will find yourself in it.


  • 150 Rob Papen PunchBD Rack Extension instrument patches
  • (40x Kick, 40x Perc, 20x Bass, 16x Mono, 34x SFX)
  • 1 Demo song (Reason 8 document)
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Rob Papen - PunchBD Rack Extension required

Free demo version is available in NRS - RE ReFills Demo Bundle