Extension ReFill - Revival

Extension ReFill - Revival

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This fantastic patch library for the Revival Rack Extension, is more than you could expect from such a great organ-modelling synthesizer. After careful studies, strides and deep experimentations, our team has extracted this amazing collection of guitar solo-style leads, punchy wobble-basses, percussive bells, retro-vibe pads, mellotron-like strings, cinematic effects, warm FM-style polys, and granular-emulating madness from its twisted sound engine. Of course, the retro-keys players out there will also love this collection for the vox-like classic organs up to hammond and church keys. Our ReFill is the perfect match for house, soul, RnB and even the more aggressive EDM or rock/metal tracks. Just get it, we know you’ll love it.


  • 150 Sononics Revival Rack Extension patches
  • (25x Bass, 20x Organ, 25x Mono, 26x Pad, 20x Perc, 24x Poly, 10x SFX)
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Sononics Revival Rack Extension required

Free demo version is available in NRS - RE ReFills Demo Bundle