NRS - Oberon Combination

NRS - Oberon Combination

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Intensify your sonic experience! With the new Oberon Combination ReFill; you get amazing Hollywood cinematic-style rises, sweeps, booms and sci-fi sound effects that can literally warp you across an entire new galaxy of sounds. To take it all to the next level; we also dived headfirst into the additive-synthesized aggressive-pads, wobbly-basses, trancy-plucks, and juicy-leads, which enable you to construct an immersive experience for full-blown film and game scores. Of course; you are free to use those sounds in any genre of music, which is super-easy and intuitive; with the flexible controls on each provided combinator. Including the full drum-machine setups that cover both film-like big-drums and the more analog-like approach to the drum synthesis with the Oberon’s unique twist. You won’t find sounds like these anywhere else; with so much complexity and depth they’ll never stop inspiring you!


  • 64 Unique Combinator Patches
  • 141 Oberon RE Instrument Patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 8.3+ and Zvork Oberon Rack Extension required

Free demo version is available in NRS - RE ReFills Demo Bundle