Navi Retlav - Street Drums

Navi Retlav - Street Drums

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A good drummer doesn’t need a professional drum kit. He can play on anything and it will sound great. If you are a big fan of stomp or live drum and bass style played with trash kits in urban environments, then this Refill should fit nicely in your Reason rack. This set of 168 loops recorded in the heart of Warsaw using Mid-Side technique will provide you a great opportunity to add some realism to your main drum section. Especially if you combine them with the included combinators that allow you to control bass and high frequency exciters, filter envelope, reverb and Mid-Side mix. Additional ReGroove patches are great for adding a bit of human feel. How it will be used is up to you. It will fit in any genre, from classic rock to electronic and cinematic breaks.


  • 168 REX loops
  • 22 Combinator patches
  • 21 OctoRex patches
  • 50 ReGrove patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Free demo version is available in NRS - Reason ReFills Demo Bundle