NRS - Missing Pieces Legacy Bundle

NRS - Missing Pieces Legacy Bundle

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Missing Pieces; the product line that started the Navi Retlav Studio and raised the bar of sound-design to the next level. Our legacy (and a piece of history) which stands out, even to this day. This collection was originally priced at over $100, but based on popular demand, we brought it back at a very affordable price. Back in the old days we optimized it for use within Reason 6 (including Line6 AMP patches), so the entire content is very light on CPU, and I'm not afraid to admit that there were some strange design choices which we would now have done differently, but that's what makes it special. The unique vibe and character of these excellent sounds is still there and with over a thousand patches over 5 ReFills, you have a ton of content to choose from.

Missing Pieces - OctoPulseThor, focuses on as many advanced modulation routings as possible using the famous “Thor” synthesizer combined with the Pulveriser, The Echo, Alligator and Kong with optional Line6 amp effects. When it comes to sound, it's pure magic.

Missing Pieces - Music Box, is the first of its kind; combining mid-side recording techniques, processing by the iZotope Iris sampler with its own original filters, and RadiusRT technology for pitch stretching. The source of the samples was a music box, which was sampled in a unique way, keeping the atmosphere and the tone while also producing variable emotions. Patches were created both with a view to conserving the natural sounds, (including all the noises accompanying this little musical instrument), as well as processing them completely beyond recognition, giving a new character and incredible structure to the sounds.

Missing Pieces - Analog Sweeps, was strictly designed to deliver filter sweeps and sound effects of unworldly oldschool modular synthesizers, noise and glitch generators.

Missing Pieces - Drum, takes a deeper look than most, at industrial drum sounds. It's a tiny package with big hits created around various resonators.

Missing Pieces - Feedback Echo, was the first in the “Missing Pieces” Refill series. Featuring a completely new approach to echo-effect processors. Each patch can be easily used to create deep rhythmic distortion with frequency modulation and rich harmonics, or as pure feedback madness to satisfy your most experimental needs.


  • 834 Combinator instruments patches
  • 203 Combinator effect patches
  • 256 Thor patches
  • 63 NN-XT sampler patches
  • 549 MB of WAV samples
  • Reason demo songs
  • Combinator skins

Bundle includes:

  • Missing Pieces - Octopulsethor
  • Missing Pieces - Music Box
  • Missing Pieces - Feedback
  • Missing Pieces - Drum
  • Missing Pieces - Analog Sweeps

Free demo version is available in NRS - Reason ReFills Demo Bundle