NRS - Neptune Electric Bass

NRS - Neptune Electric Bass

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Based on the same combination of multisampling and Neptune pitch-shifting, the Neptune Electric Bass ReFill is designed to be used together with its electric guitar brother and will get your LOW-end needs covered on everything from warm and mellow bottom feeders to dark metallic growls. The additional slap and ghost-slap articulations also make the Neptune Electric Bass ReFill a great tool for funky basslines.

Proudly brought to you by Navi Retlav Studio and Odarmonix, the creators of the Transisthor Bass & Rhythm ReFill.


  • Clean-DI recording for maximum flexibility and processing freedom.
  • Sound-shaping options include tone, damping, formant shifting, as well as humbucker pickup frequency-response simulation.
  • Several articulations and noise types, accessible via key-switches and dedicated key zones, including: sustained notes, palm mutes, ghost notes, legato up & down (AKA hammer-ons & pull-offs), pinch harmonics, slap, ghost slap, fret noise, fret buzz, optional sympathetic resonance and noisefloor.
  • Up to 4x round-robin per velocity layer, 992 24-bit samples in total.
  • Sustained notes, palm mutes and ghost notes available in both fingered and picked version.
  • 6 virtual bass strings configured in a drop E (EADGCF) tuning and covering a wide pitch range thanks to the Neptune device’s pitch-shifting abilities, by default going from E-1 (20,6 Hz) to F3 (349,23 Hz). This range can be further increased using specific keyswitches.   
  • 12 Combinator instrument patches, including the zero-latency versions for more comfortable live previewing.
  • 355 MIDI files showing how to recreate certain playing techniques such as slides, glissando, unison bend, dive bombs… This also includes several complex chords with built-in strumming, which you can directly drag & drop on the sequencer for an easier composing process.
  • 18 “Complete Rig” Combinator effect patches, suitable for many vintage and modern styles such as pop, folk, rock, hard rock, metal, reggae, funk, and soul.
  • 14 custom cabinet impulse responses for the RV7000 mkII.
  • 11 all-purpose “Utility FX” Combinator effect patches, including feedback-loop simulation.
  • Latency data and keyswitch list included as .repatch files for TMA-4 and TMA-9 (both free Rack Extensions by Jiggery-Pokery Sound).
  • 22 Reason 10 template songs with pre-built effects chains and midi-patterns

Free demo version is available in NRS - Reason ReFills Demo Bundle