NRS - Free Prima Clap

NRS - Free Prima Clap

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Prima clap is a free wav samplepack harvested straight out of a rare and forgotten fully analog drum machine from China that you have probably never heard about before. It contains over 100 crisp and crunchy clap samples, perfect for spicing up your drum loops and adding that extra punch to your layered 808-claps. Additionally, It’s the only device in the world that lets you do the legendary airy “clap and a half” sound needed to bring your productions to the next level. There are also a few longer sample phrases, especially designed for drops, fills, rolls and ricks. Do not give up, give it a try!

Disclaimer: As you might already notice, this is our April Fools joke. However, the product is fully-functional and ready for use in any of your professional projects. Have fun and happy holidays!


  • 110 drum samples
  • 41.1khz / 24bit wav files
  • Compatible with any sampler software
  • WAV + ReFill version (for Propellerhead Reason 8.3+)