Sound Design Services

The instrument is only as good as the sounds it can create. Our team specializes in making sure that your product will make the best sounds possible, by pushing it to the limits and following the latest trends in music production. We understand that being a hardware or software developer is not an easy task. That's why we have devoted ourselves to the goal of boosting the attractiveness of your future products and improving the overall sales with exciting soundbank libraries and comprehensive beta-testing solutions. Navi Retlav Studio collaborates with some of the biggest software and hardware developers on the planet. Our deep level of expertise and our very own sound-bank libraries have helped to shape the stability and commercial success of some of the best instruments and audio effects on the market, today.

Our services includes:

  • Professional sound design - Sound bank/patches creation based on industry standards, and per request.
  • Deep software testing - Bug hunting, reporting and regression with the use of bug-tracking software.
  • Consulting and suggestions - Initial impression review, access to our knowledge and experience.
  • Fair Pricing - Price can be negotiated based on the order size and project complexity.
  • Fast deadlines - Final order is always delivered on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Flexible payment system - Up to 3 months after the official software launch.
  • Confidentiality - Your products and projects remain secret regardless of if we have an existing NDA between us or not.
  • Post-release support and long term licensing - Our participation in marketing campaigns, on social media channels/networks.

Here is the list of top developers and brands that we collaborate with:

If your company is about to release a new musical device or software and you are interested in free collaboration, fully paid sound-design/beta testing or general access to our experience, please contact us for more details and a personalized offer.