Extension ReFill - Quad

Extension ReFill - Quad

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If you think of Rob Papen‘s Quad Rack Extension as one of the most feature-rich synthesizers in the Reason world, you are right! That’s the reason why we took this beautiful baby and made it sing! By pushing its clever engine to the limit, we found a way to explore synthesis methods such as frequency modulation, filter oscillation and even the roots of physical modeling. On top of all these great patches, our crowning glory has been achieved by twisting the phase of its oscillators, diving deeper into wave shaping and phase distortion modules in combination with its underestimated cross oscillator modulation section to deliver sonic perfection. If all this sounds way too technical for you, don’t worry! Simply load our presets and you will get a treasure trove of evolving pads, growly basses, sharp leads, mesmerizing polys, physical drums, nostalgic chiptunes and otherworldly special effects. This is our promise for a better world with greater Quad sounds!


  • 150 Rob Papen Quad Rack Extension Instrument patches
  • (26x Bass , 30x Mono, 27x Pad. 20x Perc, 26x Poly, 21x SFX)
  • 1 Demo song (Reason 8 document)
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Rob Papen - Quad Rack Extension required

Free demo version is available in NRS - RE ReFills Demo Bundle