Extension ReFill - Sweeper & Quartet

Extension ReFill - Sweeper & Quartet

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Reason 11 comes with 2 brand new multi-effect devices. The Quartet which is a really good sounding chorus with ensamble functionality and the Sweeper which is a multi-purpose filter, phaser, and flanger. However those are not the only functions of those devices. With our deep knowledge in sound design we extracted their hidden potential, and crafted 100 patches that are easily accessible. With these patches, you can now create the famous all-pass “dispersion” effect, various types of distortions, add metallic resonators, play with unique flavors of phasers, choruses, ensembles and flangers, then finally enhance your mix with texture type effects which can enrich your sounds by adding crispy top-end or re-shaping the bass. That’s not all, there are also a bunch of dynamic modulated patches and more creative tape-like speed manipulators, great for creating movement and more interest in your compositions. Those two little devices can do real marvels for any production with the right presets. I cannot live without them any more.


  • 64 Sweeper RE patches
  • 32 Quartet RE patches
  • Chorus, Dispersion, Distortion, Dynamic, Ensemble, Flanger, Phaser, Resonator, Special, Tape Speed, and Texture categories
  • Designed for Reason 11’s Sweeper RE & Quartet RE.

Free demo version is available in NRS - RE ReFills Demo Bundle