Navi Retlav - Street Jazz

Navi Retlav - Street Jazz

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If you are looking for an innovative and positively twisted sound library for Propellerhead Reason 6, then you are in the right place! This Refill captures the unique feel of a true street performance played by an extraordinary jazzman. Refill contains not only great sax phrases, but also the entire atmosphere that surrounds the street artist, including all the people passing by and all the whispers. Combining the nonlinear time stretching and processing with the Radius RT technology out of Izotope Iris, pushes this library far beyond your imagination of the sound design. Using those special treatments, short samples were turned into lush pads with natural attack and uncanny tail and the loops with the great expression were turned into playable instruments perfect for chord progressions. All included samples and loops were recorded in mid-side technique. That gives you the full control of the stereo field and ability to process sound in a completely new way. Included effects were specially designed to polish the sounds into the real diamonds of sound design. Pick any of the patches from this library and it will perfectly fit in all mixes, from jazzy drum and bass, deep hip-hop beat, up to powerful cinematic score.


  • 86 Combinator patches
  • 80 REX loops
  • 11 Kong kits
  • 85 NN-XT patches
  • 50 ReGrove patches
  • 900MB of RAW MID-SIDE samples
  • Propellerhead Reason 6+ compatible

Free demo version is available in NRS - Reason ReFills Demo Bundle