NRS - Neptune Electric Guitar

NRS - Neptune Electric Guitar

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Navi Retlav Studio and Odarmonix (AKA ODNX Sound) have teamed up once again to bring you another meticulously-crafted product. For the first time, we’re stepping into the electric guitar sampling territory, although with a twist that makes the Neptune Electric Guitar ReFill a one-of-a-kind library.

Instead of using the classic multisampling method which consists of recording every single note from each string on a guitar; we took a different approach by sampling one note from each string and letting the Neptune device do its magic for pitch changes. As unconventional as this method may sound, the Combinator instrument patches we built around it are capable of surprisingly realistic riffs! Other benefits include a greatly reduced file size, as well as more sound-shaping options and flexibility than a traditional guitar sample library could offer.

To those of you who might be (rightfully) concerned about the latency added by the Neptune device, fear not! The User Guide provides detailed explanations on how to take advantage of Reason’s built-in Phase-Delay Compensation and make the Combinator instrument patches easier to use in a song. Additionally we added the Neptune-less, zero-latency versions of the Combinator instrument patches for improved playability.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to check out the Neptune Electric Bass ReFill as well. Both products are also available as a bundle for a reduced price.      


  • Clean-DI recording for maximum flexibility and processing freedom.
  • Sound-shaping options include tone, damping, formant shifting, as well as humbucker pickup frequency response simulation.
  • Several articulations and noise types, accessible via key-switches and dedicated key zones, including: sustained notes, palm mutes, ghost notes, legato up & down (AKA hammer-ons & pull-offs), pinch harmonics, fret noise, fret buzz, scrapes, optional sympathetic resonance and noisefloor.
  • Up to 4x round-robin per velocity layer, 1325 24-bit samples in total.
  • Sustained notes, palm mutes and ghost notes available in both the fingered and picked version.
  • 8 virtual guitar strings configured in a drop E (EADGCFAD) tuning and covering a wide pitch range thanks to the Neptune device’s pitch-shifting abilities; by default, going from E0 (41,2 Hz) to D5 (1174,7 Hz). This range can be further increased using specific keyswitches.   
  • 12 Combinator instrument patches, including the zero-latency versions for more comfortable live previewing.
  • 477 MIDI files showing how to recreate certain playing techniques such as slides, glissando, unison bend, dive bombs… This also includes several complex chords with built-in strumming, which you can directly drag & drop on the sequencer for an easier composing process.
  • 24 “Complete Rig” Combinator effect patches, suitable for many vintage and modern styles such as pop, folk, rock, hard rock, metal, reggae, jazz, funk, and soul.
  • 18 custom cabinet-impulse responses for the RV7000 mkII.
  • 11 all-purpose “Utility FX” Combinator effect patches, including feedback-loop simulation.
  • Latency data and keyswitch list included as .repatch files for TMA-4 and TMA-9 (both free Rack Extensions by Jiggery-Pokery Sound)
  • 36 Reason 10 template songs with pre-built effects chains and midi-patterns.

Free demo version is available in NRS - Reason ReFills Demo Bundle